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Few Words About Who We Are...


The delicious whiff of freshly baked bread vies with the savoury trace of the vegetable pattice (stuffed pastry); the aroma of coconut pastries mingles with the sweetness of jam biscuits; crisp, flaky, short-cut kharis (twisted biscuits) crane their crooked necks to catch your eye.

It’s a typical day at Santosh Bakery – busy and early. A family business going back three generations, every father-son duo works hard at satisfying the bakery cravings of Punekars with religious zeal. Nothing less than perfection is accepted. The batter, the now greatly increased menu, the magical, never ending supply, the quick service and of course, the taste. With a process going on nearly round-the-clock, everything at Santosh Bakery is fresh. The treats keep coming. And so does the crowd.

The art of mixing the batter the inimitable way has been our forte since generations. And despite the fact that the tiny bakery is today surrounded by glitzy restaurants and hotels on the busy Ghole Road none have been able to dwarf its importance. In fact amusingly enough many of the invites to events at these grand hotels give their address as ‘Opposite Santosh Bakery’!

Narayan Shelke’s urge to turn his small grocery shop into a bakery in the year 1968 was driven by domination of Irani restaurants in the field. “At that time mainly Iranis owned most of the bakery shops in Pune and their success inspired us to also get into this business,”

So what makes Santosh Bakery so special? Is it the fondness for a place that has not succumbed to automation and still produces every product through human intervention? (You won’t find the regular gas or electric ovens here. It is coal and mud stoves that have been getting that inimitable Santosh Bakery flavour all these years.)


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